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Navitar Zooom 6000
Navitar Rastenzoomsystem Zoomobjektive

Rastenzoomsystem - Zoomeinheit für manuelle und motorische Verstellung

Unmatched Optical Performance

For high magnification applications, the Zoom 6000 series of lenses is the number one choice around the world. Recognized as the industry standard, our versatile 6.5X zoom lenses are designed to give you the magnification powers of traditional microscopes without the bulk or expense. They are easily integrated, assembled, and configured to your exact application. Compared with the competition, the Navitar Zoom 6000 series offers unmatched optical performance, repeatability and mechanical flexibility.

Zoom 6000T UltraZoom

Combine Infinity-Corrected Objectives for maximum resolution and magnification. Navitar's UltraZoom is ideal for semiconductor inspection, flow cytometry, and other high magnification applications. Its advanced design offers high resolution and outstanding contrast. This system incorporates infinity corrected, plan apochromatic objectives providing long working distances and excellent edge flatness and clarity. Resolution varies from 420 to 1,650 lines per mm, depending on the microscope objective used. The UltraZoom is also available with fine focus and/or coaxial illumination.

Zoom 6000T with Co-axial Illumination

Navitar's Zoom 6000 with Internal Co-axial Illumination (1-60123) is an ideal solution for applications involving highly reflective surfaces, such as wafers, polished samples, and fluids. Designed to provide even illumination for higher magnification applications, coaxial illumination provides extremely detailed resolution, particularly when a high resolution camera is used.

Motorized System Options - More Robust Design

Navitar's motorization design, available on the 12X and Zoom 6000 systems, integrates magnetic Hall Effect sensors with reference position location. Hall Effect sensors are solid state devices with no moving parts.

Users can choose to motorize both the zoom and focus axis, or just the zoom. Navitar offers three different motor types:

Most motorized lenses are built to order, which may affect standard lead times. See system diagrams under www.navitar.com or download the PDF catalog here.

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Navitar Zooom 6000 ...
Rastenzoomsystem - Zoomeinheit für manuelle und motorische Verstellung

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